Custom Aquabats Video Transmission From Crash McLarson

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This is a transmission from Crash McLarson! 

Delight the Cadet in your life (or yourself!) with a custom video transmission from Crash McLarson! The perfect gift for any occasion or just send yourself a greeting or some life advice. Crash McLarson is great at giving advice. Try that! 
Purchase your custom video transmission from Crash today and make smiles happen!

How To Place Your Video Request:
Add your custom video transmission from Crash McLarson to cart then click the cart icon and add the below information for your transmission request in the “Special instructions for seller” box. One of our friendly gloopy staff will reach out with any questions about your request. 
  • Who is this video for and who is it from? (Include phonetic spelling for bonus points!)
  • What is the occasion?
  • What is your special message and content request?

Product Notes:
Aquabats Transmissions are sent out to customers within 7 days of purchase. Should a video transmission message not be possible within that time frame you will be notified ASAP with the option to keep or cancel your order with a full refund. All transmissions are sent via WeTransfer and are available for download for 30 days after sending. Please be sure to use a current email address in checkout for delivery and check your junk mail for messages from WeTransfer!
A limited number of Transmissions are available on a weekly basis with availability opening up every Monday!
Transmissions are guaranteed to be at least 60 seconds in length.

Please note, Crash McLarson will not shoot messages that are inappropriate, use harsh language, or break up with anyone on your behalf. We reserve the right to decline your request and a full refund will be provided.