What is gloopy?

gloopy has brought the world toys, apparel, and collectibles since 1994. We are the brains behind such classic toys as Little Brother and HANDI-GEL!

How does the gloopy Mystery Machine work?

The gloopy Mystery Machine is similar to crowdfunding websites, except we record all your information when you back the project, rather than make you fill out a survey. Each Mystery Machine project includes funding goal information and tracking to show how close we are to meeting our goal. When we reach the goal, we go into production. Simple as that! If a Mystery Machine project is especially popular, it might become a stock product in the gloopy shop. 

When will my gloopy Mystery Machine Order Ship? 

Each Mystery Machine product listing includes an estimated shipping timeline. All Mystery Machine supporters will be notified of project progress via email. If you have questions about your Mystery Machine purchase email mail@gloopy.industries.

What if I change my address before my purchase ships?

If you change your address before any gloopy purchase ships, please send your new address to mail@gloopy.industries. If that does not happen, be sure to redirect your mail via USPS. 

Free Shipping?

We are pleased to offer free domestic shipping for orders over $75 (before tax). This free shipping does not apply to some Mystery Machine products, auction items, and any item that must be shipped via Priority Mail or any other premium service. We always try to make sure each product page that does not include free shipping or requires a particular type of shipping include that information. If we miss including this information or you are confused, please do not hesitate to email us! We love being told we missed something, that way we can fix it. :)

I'm in Australia and shipping is crazy expensive, what do I do?

Email us at mail@gloopy.industries, we actually have an answer for this.

Can I suggest a product/project?

Sure! Email your idea to mail@gloopy.industries. For our and your legal protection, please do not send complete plans, designs, illustrations, or anything like that, just the basic idea. We love your ideas, but we also want to make sure we are all legally copacetic.

I want to carry a gloopy product in my store! 

We accept wholesale inquiries. Please email us at mail@gloopy.industries with the subject line wholesale inquiry. In your email, please include your store name, location, products you are interested in, and what quantity you are interested in purchasing, and we'll get back to you. 

I’d like to collab with The Aquabats / gloopy Industries

Let's talk! We love collaborations. Please email us at mail@gloopy.industries.

What is your shipping policy?

We currently ship two days a week, Tuesday and Friday, via USPS or UPS. We offer first-class shipping for all orders, and tracking will be provided. Email admin@gloopy.industries if you have questions about your shipment. Please note, we cannot guarantee timely delivery of media mail packages and if there are delays in receiving a package shipped using this method, we will ask you to wait a bit longer for arrival. Thank you for understanding!

All packages will be sent to you from gloopy headquarters in Southern California, hand-packed with love for you! Also, we are sometimes imperfect, so if we pack your order wrong, email us and we'll get you all sorted out!

What about International Shipping?

For international orders, the buyer is responsible for any customs or VAT fees or taxes. We understand that international shipping is expensive, and these fees are a pain. Still, you, as the buyer, assume responsibility for these fees. 

Something an y international buyer should be aware of is that international shipping using the basic shipping rate can take a while right now due to international shipping issues including increased number of packages going out and increased cost of air freight. If you really need your package delivered faster and with tracking, you might have to spend more on shipping. You also may need to wait a little extra for your package. We appreciate your understanding on this. 

Please note, we cannot guarantee timely delivery of media mail packages and if there are delays in receiving a package shipped using this method, we will ask you to wait a bit longer for arrival. Also, we highly recommend you not use media mail shipping if you ordered anything breakable or sensitive like a CD, LP, dishes, etc. Thank you for understanding!

Damage or Lost Package Policy

We aim to pack all products in a way that ensures safe arrival with you. But, stuff happens. In cases where your product has arrived damaged, we are happy to replace your purchase. In cases where an item is limited edition or out of stock and there are no replacements available, we will refund your purchase minus shipping. In situations where your package does not arrive at all, we will happily offer a product replacement and any assistance you need to claim insurance with the shipping carrier. If the item is out of stock or limited edition, we will refund your purchase, minus shipping, and still do everything we can to help you claim insurance. Email mail@gloopy.industries with your order number if you need help with a damaged product or lost package issues. 

Basically, we'll work with you because we want you happy. Life is better when everyone is happy.

Also, if you ever send us an email that is mean, we'll answer your email, but it will take us longer. : )