Monsters & Villains Vol. 1 Premium Enamel Pins

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They're baaaaaack!!

And wreaking havoc on our world... in tiny pin size! 

This premium pack of 4 enamel pins features some of your favorite Aquabats universe baddies: Space Monster 'M', EagleClaw, The Floating Eye of Death, and the three-headed siren Quera, Hera and Vera!

Pin 'em on your backpack! Stick 'em on your cork board! Hold 'em in your cupped hands and laugh maniacally while speaking aloud to no one in particular, "At last! I have acquired these evil little villains in an appealing, collectible format... I'll get you next, Volume 2!!!"

Size: Each premium pin is 1.5" tall with a varying width

Art By: Parker Jacobs

Materials: Metal and enamel

Shipping from: Southern California

This Mystery Machine product was made possible by YOU!


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